Libertarian Party of Collier County, Florida


  1. The purpose of the Libertarian Party of Collier County is to work for liberty in our city, state, and country. To that end, we support libertarian candidates for public office and promote other local libertarian political and/or social organizations. We endeavor to educate citizens on the meaning and value of liberty through our adherence to the constitution.

  2. The Libertarian Party of Collier County seeks to promote, through all levels of society, the libertarian ideal that the initiation of force should not be used for achieving political or social goals. The direction of the party is to endorse the growth of libertarianism through recruitment of new members, to establish and maintain a Libertarian political party infrastructure, and to place Libertarians in political office, with a focus on elections at municipal and county levels.

  3. The Collier County Libertarian Party promotes liberty in Collier County by providing solutions that limit government influence, supporting candidates who advocate libertarian principles, and promoting resistance against threats to our freedom.
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