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Updated July 23, 2014

Naples, FL — The Libertarian Party of Collier County is proud to issue the 2014 August primary Liberty List for voters. For the August primary, the Libertarian Party of Collier County has weighed in on three races giving two endorsements (Collier County School Board Districts 1 and 3) and one recommendation (in the County Commission District 4 race between two Republicans). The issuance of these endorsements and recommendations is not something that we take lightly. Our decisions were based on qualifications, performance, and dedication to the principles that we hold dear, those of limited government, economic freedom, and individual rights. We believe that the three candidates listed below most closely align with those principles. The Libertarian Party of Collier County intends to monitor the actions of these candidates very closely, and if they are elected, work to ensure that they continue to abide by those principles.

Unlike endorsements made by other parties or groups, our support does not create a "protective bubble" around these candidates. We will not look the other way if the candidates stray from campaign promises or if they take action contrary to our goals as free people. In fact, we believe that our endorsements are a calling for candidates to continue to strive for a freer society and that it should result in even closer scrutiny by Libertarians of the candidates over their time in elected office than had they not been issued at all.

We believe that the following candidates are worthy of such goals and of such scrutiny but as always, we must continue to be vigilant in the protection of our liberty:

  • Kelly Lichter — The Libertarian Party of Collier County endorses Kelly Lichter for School Board, District 1. Kelly Lichter has demonstrated over the course of the campaign that she is the most qualified candidate for School Board running in District 1. Her firm grasp of the issues that we face in education, ranging from the failure of the top-down education bureaucracy, Common Core, and to poor fiscal planning, makes her a great choice. Lichter's support for expanded educational options, including charter schools, makes her the right choice. As a mother of school-aged children, she has a vested interest in the future of education in Collier County (something that is sorely lacking in the current makeup of the board), not only for her children and family, but for all of Collier County's taxpayers. Lichter's continued strong performances, a veritable tour de force, in a variety of straw polls and forums displays the connection necessary between candidate and community that is the linchpin for good, responsible (and limited) government.

  • Erika Donalds — The Libertarian Party of Collier County endorses Erika Donalds for School Board, District 3. Erika Donalds' leadership in the area of education is unquestioned. As the driving force behind Parents R.O.C.K., Donalds has demonstrated the ability to energize parents about getting involved in their children's education. In addition to Parents R.O.C.K., Donalds has been on the frontlines of the battle against Common Core, warning about the dangers of increased top-down bureaucracy in education. Her background in finance and dedication to fiscal responsibility will provide the keen eye necessary to keep the budget in check by reducing waste and redundancy, a service that all taxpayers in Collier County will surely appreciate. Donalds, who is also the mother of school-aged children, every decision made by the School Board will be felt at home, an important addition to a government that is so frequently lacking in elected officials who must live by their own rules. Donalds is approachable, smart, and energetic. Her presence on the school board will be a welcome addition.

  • Lavigne Kirkpatrick — The Libertarian Party of Collier County recommends Lavigne Kirkpatrick for County Commissioner, District 4. The open District 4 race presents a unique opportunity for Libertarians and all other voters in the district who are not registered as Republicans. Since there is no November opponent on the ballot, all voters in District 4 are eligible to participate in this August primary between two Republicans. Kirkpatrick, Chair of the Florida Board of Nursing, ran for this seat in 2010, ultimately losing a close race to current District 4 Commissioner Fred Coyle, who is not seeking reelection. We believe that voters have regretted that decision since 2010 and they are ready to rectify it in 2014. Kirkpatrick is the clear choice for fiscal conservatives and those concerned with the continued expansion in size and scope of local government. Kirkpatrick has past experience of leading the Naples Tea Party where she had the opportunity to learn how to communicate with a variety of groups, from Republicans, to Libertarians (including members of this Executive Committee) to Independents and also Democrats, a necessary skill of consensus building that has been lacking with some members of the current Commission. Kirkpatrick isn't just talk though as she has stood side by side with those fighting for the principles of limited government and individual rights, whether it was over the Second Amendment Protection resolutions, the fight against county government overreach and fiscal irresponsibility in the La Peninsula MSBU debacle, or the effort to reduce Collier County's massive debt. Kirkpatrick should be an asset to Collier County voters as the next Commissioner from District 4.

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