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Updated October 4, 2016

Naples, FL - The Libertarian Party of Collier County is proud to issue the 2016 General Election Liberty List for voters.

For the November 8 general election, the Libertarian Party of Collier County has weighed in on five races and two ballot amendments (President and Vice President, U.S. Senate, Sheriff, Collier Mosquito Control Seat 4, Collier Mosquito Control Seat 5, Constitutional Amendment Number 1, Constitutional Amendment Number 2.)

The issuance of these endorsements and recommendations is not something that we take lightly. Our decisions were based on qualifications, performance, and dedication to the principles that we hold dear, those of limited government, economic freedom, and individual rights. We believe that the candidates listed below most closely align with those principles. The Libertarian Party of Collier County intends to monitor the actions of these candidates very closely, and if they are elected, work to ensure that they continue to abide by those principles. Unlike endorsements made by other parties or groups, our support does not create a "protective bubble" around these candidates. We will not look the other way if the candidates stray from campaign promises or if they take action contrary to our goals as free people. In fact, we believe that our endorsements are a calling for candidates to continue to strive for a freer society and that it should result in even closer scrutiny by Libertarians of the candidates over their time in elected office than had they not been issued at all. We believe that the following candidates and recommendations are worthy of such goals and of such scrutiny but as always, we must continue to be vigilant in the protection of our liberty.

President and Vice President: Gary Johnson and Bill Weld (Libertarian)

In an election filled with negative campaigning and mistruths, the Libertarian campaign of Gary Johnson and Bill Weld has been a breath of fresh air for many. Johnson and Weld have more executive experience than either the Democratic or Republican tickets: both were successful two-term governors of their states. In addition, they share our ideals of small government and individual freedom. We believe they could bring people together across the party divide and start to take our country in the right direction, toward liberty. As President, Johnson would immediately submit a balanced budget, and would decrease the national debt by making significant cuts across the board and bringing our troops home from nation-building foreign wars. He supports simplifying our tax system by implementing a consumption tax like the FairTax. Johnson opposes gun control and is a strong supporter of civil liberties. For all these reasons, we are happy to endorse Gary Johnson and Bill Weld, Libertarians for President and Vice President of the United States.

U.S. Senate: Paul Stanton (Libertarian)

Paul Stanton is a fresh voice who would bring much-needed Libertarian solutions to the U.S. Senate. He is an Iraq War combat veteran and Libertarian activist. He is the only candidate who will seek to end cronyism in Washington, our overseas wars, and the War on Drugs. He is dedicated to restoring our civil liberties, which have been eroded in recent years. He would work for lower taxes and spending, an audit of the Federal Reserve, and competition in currency. We believe in Paul Stanton's Libertarian perspective on issues and we are proud to endorse him in his campaign for U.S. Senate.

Collier County Sheriff: Carlos Gutierrez (No Party Affiliation)

We support Carlos Gutierrez as a liberty candidate for Collier County Sheriff. Gutierrez is an active law enforcement officer in Broward County and a military veteran. He has frequently and confidently expressed his concern for local citizen rights. He has consistently proven his devotion to liberty in our county by standing with the LPCC against red light cameras, in support of our 2nd Amendment gun rights resolution, and in support of medical marijuana (cannabis). Gutierrez believes in upholding the Constitution and is endorsed by the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association. He would increase transparency and improve the relationship between the Sheriff's Office and the community. We wholeheartedly recommend Carlos Gutierrez for Collier County Sheriff.

Collier Mosquito Control Seat 4: Andreas Roth
Collier Mosquito Control Seat 5: David Chapman

David Chapman and Andreas Roth present an opportunity for positive change on the Collier Mosquito Control Board. They have made it clear they will not attempt to stop spraying of the controversial pesticide naled all at once, but will instead phase in safer solutions like larvicides in order to decrease use of naled over time. More importantly, however, they will increase transparency and communications with the public so that citizens can take the precautions they choose around spraying, as well as participate in the safer mosquito control process by watching for standing water and using mosquito dunks and traps on their own properties. We believe this change is sorely needed, because government should not take action without the informed consent of citizens. We recommend David Chapman and Andreas Roth for Collier Mosquito Control Board.

Constitutional Amendment Number 1: NO

We join many pro-solar organizations and groups across the political spectrum in urging a No vote on the misleading Amendment 1. This amendment, which claims to be pro-solar, has been heavily funded by utility companies. At best, the rights to solar energy that the amendment claims it will give us are already protected by statute. At worst, as many have noted, the amendment may limit competition from customer-owned solar by prohibiting net metering, which is the practice of selling excess electricity to the power company during the day and buying it back at night, and is important for making home solar financially feasible. We believe that this is anti-competitive manipulation of our Florida Constitution by monopoly utility companies. Therefore, we recommend No on Amendment 1.

Constitutional Amendment Number 2: YES

As Libertarians, we have long believed that the War on Drugs is ineffective and costly, both in dollars and in lives lost, and should be ended. In recent years, citizens around the country have begun to realize that the prohibition of cannabis in particular is unnecessary, that cannabis has many medical uses, and that crime and drug overdoses actually decrease where it is legalized. This year, with the citizen-led initiative Amendment 2, Floridians have an opportunity to make cannabis legal for medical use. Concerns over possible "loopholes" in the 2014 amendment have been addressed in this year's amendment: it requires that a patient go to a licensed physician who will judge whether the patient has a debilitating condition, it requires written parental consent for a patient who is a minor, and it requires that caregivers be certified with a background check and limited in the number of patients they can assist. Therefore, we believe that even those skeptical of legalization should see this as a prudent first step. Medical decisions should be between the patient and the physician, not limited by the state. We recommend a Yes vote on Amendment 2.

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