Libertarian Party of Collier County, Florida


Ray Netherwood 2014: Let's get serious NOW!

Welcome to the home page of the Libertarian Party of Collier County, encompassing Naples and Marco Island, Florida. We are a dedicated group of liberty advocates, and we welcome new members.

Want to join us, or sit in as a guest at our meetings? See our monthly meeting times and locations on the Calendar of Events page. See our officers at the County Leadership page.

We are proud to have hosted an exceptionally successful 2013 Libertarian Party of Florida (LPF) Annual Convention, known as Liberty Rising, over Memorial Day weekend (May 24-26) in Naples. Through the course of the LPF Convention, delegates amended and either passed or defeated a number of resolutions. Also, elections took place to fill the vital Executive Committee positions of Chair, Vice-Chair, Director at Large One, and Director at Large Three.

The goal of the Libertarian Party is to promote Liberty. We strive for and strongly promote the same principles held by our founding fathers which sparked the American Revolution. The political philosophy we embrace is that each individual has a right to live their lives and use their property as they see fit, as long as they respect the full right of others to do the same. We consistently and firmly advocate personal and economic freedom and a noninterventionist foreign policy.

If you are wondering "What exactly is a Libertarian?", see our Our Principles, as well as the National Libertarian Party's FAQ. Then, take the World's Smallest Political Quiz (here) to see where you fit.

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